Best Practices for Legal Education

When Nelson Mandela who at the time he was saying was already a fully-fledged lawyer, said Education is the most powerful tool to change the world with, he wasn’t far from the right thing. Since Human beings evolved, Man has always had a desire to Learn and explore. It’s for this reason that he started Read More

Help With Law Coursework – Best practices

It’s a common sight to see law students struggling with their coursework and law assignments. Even if they’re not to be marked such assignments usually cause a significant amount of stress. The reason is unlike other subjects law is like a foreign language. Even for the very good writers, legal coursework is quite baffling. Writing Read More

Effective and fast writing is possible. Check our tips

There are a lot of students who study hard but aren’t able to score good marks. They generally know the answers but either they are not able to frame proper sentences for what’s there in their minds, or end up thinking the whole time that’s provided. In short, they take a lot of time to Read More