Effective and fast writing is possible. Check our tips

There are a lot of students who study hard but aren’t able to score good marks. They generally know the answers but either they are not able to frame proper sentences for what’s there in their minds, or end up thinking the whole time that’s provided. In short, they take a lot of time to come up with something to write. This is lack of effective and fast writing.

It is important for everyone

Marks problem is generally in case of middle school students. But at times, grown-ups are a victim too. Even if you think you somehow or the other manage the marks or you do not need to improve this lacking skill of yours, you might be wrong.

Always remember that your idea or knowledge is nothing if you can’t express it well. All communication skills are important, and writing is important as well.

Steps to improve your writing skills

Brush up the basics: The base of any language is grammar. Incorrect grammar and spelling (or both), imparts a bad impression on the reader and irrespective of how wonderful your idea is, it may take away all the interest to read. Learn grammar first, and make sure you don’t make spelling mistakes either.

Vocabulary: It is very important that you do not verbose your write-up in order to explain. You must always have the exact word for what you want to express. There’s a fine line between elaboration and exaggeration, make sure you do not cross it anyway. That’s why learning words, their meanings, and usage.

Practice: A good writing is all about practice. What you learn is nothing if you do not practice it. Write every day about whatever you like. Think about the topic, make a good order and then jot it down on paper. Making an order is very important. Think of an article where you find the conclusion part before the introduction. Doesn’t make sense, right? Similarly, if topics and their bodies aren’t properly aligned, it may not make a proper sense of the idea, affecting the quality of your work. Most importantly, practice will help you in writing fast.

Read something: Developing your writing skills is easy and fast when you both- read and write. Reading a good book or articles, about anything you like, can be very beneficial. It enhances your ability to frame sentences that best interests the reading mind, avoiding all the unnecessary ones.

Review your earlier work: Here comes the simplest job- pointing out the weaknesses. Review all your previously written drafts, very patiently. Here comes the fact that your first draft will be something very disappointing. But don’t worry about it, how bad you find the previous drafts, is a measure of how much you’ve improved since then.

No matter how old you grow, it’s always important for everyone to express oneself well in
order to avoid misunderstanding and miscommunication in both professional and
personal life. Efficient and fast writing can help you excel in every field.

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