The Impaler Speaks
Killa Maul lay waste to Dirty Dog Bar

@JasonMcMaster Killa Maul at Dirty Dog Bar in Austin. Remember Metallica? They were a metal band that released four killer albums between 1983 and 1989… I wonder what ever happened to them?

No matter. Jason McMaster (Broken Teeth, Dangerous Toys, Evil United, Ignitor, Watchtower, et al) has assembled a crack crew of musicians to recreate the music found on Metallica’s debut album, ‘Kill ‘Em All’, in a live setting with all of the urgency, all of the angst, and all of the power that album represents.

On January 27, 2012, The Impaler and some friends headed to Dirty Dog Bar in Austin, Texas, for a midnight set from Killa Maul. What a show! Jason McMaster transformed into a young James Hetfield to lead the band through the bulk of the ‘Kill ‘Em All’ record, including a brilliant run-through of ‘Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth)’ featuring lead bass from Judd Webb, a frenetic take on ‘No Remorse’, and a rousing version of ‘Seek & Destroy’ that closed the set with a bang.

Heavy metal may have lost Metallica over 20 years ago now, but the truly brilliant music they created once upon a time lives on thanks to Killa Maul. This show was just a damn good time, and no mistake.