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Dana Jade - Dana Jade

@Dana_Jade …And then there is Dana Jade. This record rocks. Rocks, I tells ya. Support indie music and check it out. Review written for Mass Movement 33. Looks like the official cover differs from the promo cover… don’t be confused, this is the same album. And it rocks. Rocks, I tells ya.

Dana Jade – Dana Jade (Priestess Records UK)

Here we go! Sometimes you just never know what to expect when you take a chance on a new artist – at least in the indie world, where untested, unproven acts are NOT shoved down your throat because they have rich daddies (or sugar-daddies, as is often the case) like in the frightening and confusing major-label world. Enter Dana Jade, a captivating new force on the rock scene who has just released her self-titled debut album on her own label, Priestess Records. Dana Jade, the person, hails from Trinidad and split her childhood between there and New York City, where she became captivated by a diverse range of artists – from Patti Smith to Joan Jett to Madonna – and began teaching herself how to sing and play guitar. Today, Jade lives in London and fronts Dana Jade, the band, which is essentially her and drummer Ian McKenzie. Jade’s debut represents an amalgam of influences, cohesively forged to represent a form of almost-but-not-quite-heavy-enough-to-be-called-metal rock ‘n’ roll that exemplifies the inherent power of a strong voice mixed with killer riffs and head-bobbing beats. In some of the songs here, it would not be unfair (or unkind) to mention The Kills (a great band). In others, The Clash, Skunk Anansie, and L7 (3 more great bands). ‘She Or I Go’ is based around a riff that is pretty-much lifted directly from the Golden Earring classic ‘Twilight Zone’ and driven home with a snotty punk vocal that calls to mind The Adverts. ‘Murky Tears’ employs some guitar effects and stereo panning that is more in line with the heavy psychedelic likes of Baby Woodrose, while opener ‘Eyes Like Cinder’ shines with echoes of early Blondie. There are little bubbles of dub, moments of raucous post-punk fury, and hints of avant-garde adventurism throughout, but this is essentially a rock record. And a fairly heavy one at that. The Impaler’s verdict: Get this immediately if you have any interest at all in one or more of the following: guitars, loud guitars, louder guitars, seriously good singing (seriously good) (seriously), songs with killer riffs, songs with cool lyrics, or songs. In general. Oh, or music. In general. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. The Impaler @impalerspeaks

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