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Davey Brown - Live EP

Davey Brown – Davey Brown Live EP (

According to Davey Brown, he is ‘just a dude from [Washington] DC that plays rootsy, acoustic songs… [and] may also enjoy the occasional whiskey shot…’ – and how great is that? Honesty. Independence. And at least a bit of a wild streak. Nothing not to like there. What we have here is a six-song EP recorded live at The Rock & Roll Hotel on March 31, 2012, featuring Brown on vocals/guitar, and his buddies Jackson Styron on steel guitar, Ryan McLaughlin on bass, and Will Waikart on drums. Living in Austin, Texas, I am what one would call ‘spoiled for choice’ when it comes to rootsy, acoustic singer-songwriters, but I do my best to keep from becoming jaded, and when I hear something that makes me do a double-take, I pay attention. Sure enough, you’re reading this now because Brown did, in fact, cause me to do a double-take. Those familiar with the Red Dirt scene here in Texas are likely to do a double-take of their own upon reading that Brown reminds me – in voice, attitude, and spirit – of Bleu Edmondson. He’s got a gritty, compelling voice. His lyrics speak to the working class everyman – particularly those struggling even to find work – and clearly come from a lifetime of experience in the school of hard knocks. Musically, too, Brown seems to have a kinship with not just Edmondson but with the entire Red Dirt scene, which is country… but not really… and rock ‘n’ roll… of a sort. Basically. Red Dirt eschews the tawdry, formulaic pop trappings of Nashville and the phony, formulaic phoniness of the Hollywood machine in equal measure, taking as influences instead the simplest and truest things that ever have existed or ever could exist in music: three chords and the truth. This EP is available at Brown’s Bandcamp page for the low, low price of a cold Lone Star at the world famous Continental Club here in Austin, so don’t miss your opportunity to get in while the gettin’ is good. The Impaler @impalerspeaks

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