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Powderburn - 432

Powderburn – Four Thirty Two EP (

While 2012’s ‘Come And Take It’ EP largely followed the classic-metal-meets-thrash approach that Powderburn have become known for over the past dozen years or so, a much nastier beast has been awoken to represent the band on 2013’s ‘Four Thirty Two’ (aka ‘432’). Opening track ‘Raise The Flag’ is a shotgun blast to the face that calls to mind Pantera circa ‘The Great Southern Trendkill’ and Machine Head circa ‘The More Things Change…’ in equal measure, and almost certainly takes the crown as the heaviest song in the band’s oeuvre to date. Closing track ‘The Substance Of All Things Hoped For’ is a full-barreled technical thrash attack with a brief clean-guitar opening leading into an epic battle of intricate riffage and haunting melodies. ‘Crash’ is the meat in this three-song sandwich of an EP, in more ways than one. Employing both a structure and a galloping lead riff firmly rooted in the hallowed ground sowed by Iron Maiden, but with a faster and heavier approach that is more in line with the Maiden-meets-power-thrash sound – minus the over-the-top vocal histrionics – of acts such as Jag Panzer and Sanctuary, ‘Crash’ – to me – represents Powderburn at their best, with a perfect balance of heaviness, melody, passion, and power. With only three songs, ‘Four Thirty Two’ may not be a full meal, but it most certainly is a fully satisfying – and heavy – snack for headbangers everywhere. The Impaler @impalerspeaks  <—>  @powderburn

Powderburn interviewed by The Impaler