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Satanic Hell issue #3

Satanic Hell issue #3 (Zeno Telos Press)

Those unrepentant sinners known as Satanic Hell – vocalist Death Priest, guitarist Dante, bassist Exodus, and their too-evil-to-be-named drum machine – are back for another action-packed issue of every metal-loving fanboy’s favorite underground comic. As the third installment begins, our fearless – and fearsome – heroes are infiltrating a massive religious rally at an enormous stadium in Dallas, Texas. It doesn’t take long for the rabble-rousing rallyers to turn the entire event into a call-to-arms for all ‘good’ citizens to assist in one simple task: to find and destroy the ultimate cause of evil and sin on earth – i.e., the industrial metal band known as Satanic Hell. Naturally, chaos ensues… and things only pick up steam from there! With the back-story firmly established at this point, the Satanic Hell creative team is able to open things up and utilize every panel of every page to advance the story, enhancing the edginess and enjoyment of issue #3. In addition to Grigoris Douros’ impressive story-telling, this issue is made indispensibly good by artist Kevin Enhart, colorist Jimmy Kerast, and letterer E.T. Dollman. This issue features an amazing cover by Enhart and Kerast, as well as some incredible extras – including both a poster and a show flyer for Satanic Hell, as well as disturbingly hysterical Chick-like propaganda pamphlet from the zealotous dictatorship – designed by the aforementioned creators with assistance from artist Newel Anderson. As with past issues, Satanic Hell issue #3 can be purchased as a digital download – in varying formats, so it can be read from any standard device or computer – from and other online sources for digital comics. I’m already jonesing for issue #4, and I really want to see (hear) a companion soundtrack featuring Satanic Hell’s greatest hits at some point. Miss this comic at your own peril. The Impaler @impalerspeaks

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Satanic Hell issue #2

More madness from the boys in Satanic Hell!

Satanic Hell issue #2 (Zeno Telos Press)

As the second issue of this underground comic opens, the industrial metal band Satanic Hell – comprised of vocalist Death Priest, guitarist Dante, and bassist Exodus (plus an ostensibly evil drum machine) – are grinding through an underground tour of Texas, which has been fully and officially taken over by a repressive group of religious zealots with a governmental structure that operates in such a repressive and violent fashion that anyone even suspected of disobeying their strict orders is vanquished to a ‘rehabilitation’ camp, likely never to be seen or heard from again. At this point, the only friend the boys in Satanic Hell seem to have is Sam, a strangely unaffected local who booked the tour – but for what purpose? The leaders of the new Texas government, as well as some of the younger – and potentially rebellious – citizens are brought into clearer focus through a cleverly contrived dual storyline. As in the first issue, the story by Grigoris Douros is worth the cover price – which is 99 cents for this issue, available for purchase as a download at and through the usual sources for proprietory devices (Kindle, iEverything), as well as in PDF for use in DriveThruComics or on any standard computer – all on its own, while the artwork by Kevin Enhart and coloring by Jimmy Kerast fully seals the deal. I like metal. I like comics. I don’t like having to wait for the rest of the initially-planned seven-issue series to come out in six-week intervals – I want to see what happens to Satanic Hell next! The Impaler @impalerspeaks

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Satanic Hell issue #1

An indie comic book about an industrial metal band being persecuted a totalitarian regime? Um, sign me up, please!

Satanic Hell issue #1 (Zeno Telos Press)

Death Priest, Dante, and Exodus – and their trusty, and evil, drum machine – are Satanic Hell, an industrial metal band from Los Angeles struggling to keep one step ahead of the law in a world gone mad. Military revolution? Zombie apocalypse? Nuclear holocaust? No, no, and no. For these guys, it’s something much, much worse. As this inagural issue commences, Satanic Hell are crossing the border into Texas, which – in the dystopian future depicted in the planned 7-issue series of this new digital comic from Zeno Telos Press – has been transformed into a freedomless hell on earth controlled by fundamentalist zealots who will stop at nothing to maintain their control over the masses. Their only hope of survival is Sam, an enigmatic local who booked the tour that brought them to Texas in the first place. How will a bunch of longhaired, tattooed musicians – in a band called Satanic Hell – fare in a place such as this, with or without Sam’s help? Issue #1 is available for free download at so you can find out for yourselves. The story by Grigoris Douros is compelling, the art by Kevin Enhart and Newel Anderson strikes a nice balance between classic and modern, and the coloring by Jimmy Kerast makes the whole thing pop like the light show at a Cradle Of Filth concert. Throw in a super-cool cover – with a creepy, ‘Sandman’-influenced feel – created by all three visual artists working together, and the end result is a must-have comic, for comics fans and for metal fans alike. The Impaler @impalerspeaks

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